Post #2

Ch. 3
It was a quite interesting chapter. I was able to identify myself with the term “identity negotiation model”. When I first moved to this country, it was really hard to adjust to this new culture and for a while I had not identity. Later on, as I started to learn the language and more about this culture, I was able to truly interact with others. I still feel like I’m learning new things, even though I’ve been for almost 12 years. Also I have to say that thanks to my parents I was able to keep my traditions, culture, and language. However, I feel really happy that I was able to learn how this culture work. Now I can say that Utah is my home.

Being from a different country includes having different customs and traditions. As I already mentioned, it was hard to adjust and be able to interact with others. “Difference in habits and costumes” is probably one of the mores accurate concepts about the world itself. As an immigrant you can really see the distinction between both cultures. For example, we Mexicans tend to whistle at someone when you want to get their attention. However, here in the U.S. if you whistle at someone is complete rude and even appropriate. Whereas in Mexico is something that people do on a daily basis.

It was really interesting to see the different angles and point of view about this particular issue. Seeing that white people were the ones being surpassed by black people was truly odd. Society has taught us that only black were the subject of suppression and slavery. And to see this in that video really makes me realized that it doesn’t matter the color of your skin, we’re all humans and deserved the right to live, be happy and free. Never have I realized how important it is to help others and respect everyone than today.

Post #1

My name is Jorge Jimenez. I was originally born in Mexico. My family and I moved to Utah when I was just 12 years old. I’m the oldest of two children. I grew up in a very unique family, whom I love and adore. I served a spanish-speaking mission in Nashville, TN about a year ago and I absolutely loved it. I’m double majoring in Aviation and Communication with emphasis in Public Relations.  I love to play racquetball, spend time with family and friends, and traveling. The reason why I’m going into Public Relations is because I like to interact  and communicate with people. I find fascinating the different traditions, costumes, cultures, language, etc that this amazing world has to offer. I think that that’s one of the reason why I’m also going into Aviation. I want to travel the world and get to know all these different places and people; discovering new mysteries and surprises therein.

Ch 1:

I really like this chapter. I feel like it’s the perfect intro for a class like this. As an immigrant I completely understand that change could be a hard transition.  When we talked about the different work ethics of the business in the world, I was able to related to my different experiences I had on my mission. Even though Tennessee is still part of the U.S. the culture there and costumes are completely different. I’ve lived in Utah for about 12 years now and I have been on the west coast multiple times. However, the south really is a very foreign place, which totally indicates that even within a country people tend to have different ways of doing certain things.

Ch 2:

This chapter was a really cool chapter. I can truly identify myself with this chapter. Since we talked about norms and rules, I honestly still find myself in the midst of confusion and uncertainty about the ways things are done here. Till today I still have much to learn the U.S. culture.  It is fascinating to see how different cultures can see one thing in so many different ways. In Tennessee I grew to love the great devotion that people have for their faith and religion. It is admiring the great importance that religion has in this part of U.S. I can truly say that 70% of the population there has some connection that a belief that makes them wake up in the morning and keep up with the different challenges of life.